Things to Consider Before Hiring a Will and Trust Lawyer

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Will and Trust Lawyer

Hiring an attorney is a serious matter, and when you choose to hire a will and trust attorney, it’s generally because you want to make sure your assets are protected after you’re gone. You need to ensure that the things that matter to you are given to the right people and that anyone who you want to leave money for can access it in the way and at the time you would want them to. To make sure you hire the right will and trust lawyer for your needs, there are some things you should consider before you make your choice.

Always Hire a Trusted Professional

The internet is full of ads from companies saying they can create a will for you, or that you can even make your own, for a very low price. That might be tempting, but there’s nothing like the services of a good attorney to give you what you really need. Hiring a professional will ensure that the will and trust are completed properly.

Keep in mind that the creation or a will and trust is not a one-time thing. There will likely be changes made throughout your life, and you may want to revisit your will or trust at various times to make sure it provides exactly what you intend. By working with an attorney, you can easily monitor and adjust your will and trust throughout your life.

There Will Likely Be Changes Made to Your Will or Trust Throughout Your Life

Be Sure to Ask Questions

Before you hire an attorney for your will and trust, there are questions you’ll want to ask. These include:

  • What will an initial meeting entail?
  • What is the cost of creating a will and trust?
  • Does a regular review of documents cost extra?
  • How can changes be made later?
  • Will you ensure that assets are properly structured?
  • Do you handle insurance, retirement and related advice?
  • Do you also handle intangible assets?
  • How can you protect the inheritance left to others?
  • Do you have any guarantees on your services?

There is no need to avoid asking questions when you’re looking for the right will and trust attorney. Being sure about the lawyer you are hiring and what he or she offers matters and can give you financial protection and peace of mind. Before you go to the initial appointment, make a list of questions you want to ask. It’s easy to forget to ask about something if you don’t have it written down, and you want to be sure you’ve covered everything that’s important to you.

After you talk with an attorney to handle your will and trust needs, make sure you feel comfortable with the answers you’ve received to your questions. You don’t have to choose the first lawyer you talk to, and you should always shop around until you find a will and trust attorney you feel is a good fit for you, your needs, goals and plans.

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