Business Law

Our legal team helps you through every phase of your business cycle.  From starting your business to maintaining contracts or other agreements to final events such as helping with the sale or dissolution of your business.  Shelton Law & Associates provides:

  • Advises you on the best option for business entity structure (LLC, Corporation, etc.) to protect you and your assets
  • Prepares shareholder agreements
  • Assists with succession plans to prepare you and your business for the future
  • Draft and negotiate your sale and purchase agreements
  • Drafts and negotiates employment, lease, and other contracts your behalf
  • Serves as your Outsourced In-house Counsel to give you the benefits of an In-house attorney without the high costs
  • Protects your Trademarks and Copyrights
  • Serves as your registered agent in California and Texas for a low annual flat rate

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Assist Me With My Business

“Shelton Law was extremely helpful and efficient with all of my requests.  I felt like the advice and recommendations were excellent and I am totally comfortable with the direction that I want the company to go…”
– Sam Robbins, The Robbins Group, Inc.