Franchisor Law – Creation of Franchise



We provide this service with a down payment of $7500 and a flat rate monthly retainer. This fee is non-refundable.  It includes unlimited legal work, “We Come to You” Franchiseability Study with Franchisor Training, FDD goal within 45 days and all other Foundational legal work for the first year. All other billing, for any additional services, later requested, will be billed at the Three Hundred Seventy-Five Dollars and Zero Cents ($375.00) per hour discounted rate stated, or an agreed upon flat rate or retainer.

Monthly Franchisor Retainers (unlimited legal hours)

  • $3000 monthly – small Franchisor (0-20 franchisees)
  • $4000 monthly – medium Franchisor (21-50 franchisees)
  • $5000 monthly – large Franchisor (51+ franchisees)


  • Franchise Disclosure Documents for startup franchisors
  • Franchise Annual and Quarterly Updates to maintain state and federal compliance
  • Draft and file State Registrations, Business Opportunity Exemptions, and Renewals
  • Develop, Draft and File your Goodwill Protection Plan through Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents – earning your broader protection better than those online Trademark companies
  • Negotiate with vendors to improve your Profit & Loss and your Franchisee’s bottom line
  • Relationship building with Franchisees, franchise counsels, cooperatives and Franchisee Associations
  • Provide counsel related to U.S. and International expansion