Franchisor Law – Limited Reactive Relationship


This Service includes limited legal work and regular Updates. All other services like Vendor Negotiations, Lease Reviews, State Registrations, Trademarks, Entities, Item 19 creation, etc. will be billed at our discounted rate for billable hours, or an agreed upon flat rate or retainer.


We provide this service with a down payment of $10 000 and a flat rate monthly retainer of $3000. This fee is non-refundable.  It includes unlimited billable hours of legal work, excluding the following services such as Vendor Negotiations, Lease Reviews for the Franchisees, State Registration renewals (legal documents), Legal Entities, Item 19’s within the FDD, Trademarks and first time State Registration filings, etc. will be billed at the Four Hundred Ninety-Five Dollars and Zero Cents ($495.00) per hour discounted rate stated, or an agreed upon flat rate or retainer.

This package includes, among other services:

  • Creation of your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
  • Quarterly FDD Updates
  • Quarterly Planning Sessions
  • Bi-weekly Meetings
  • Limited Structure and Entity consultation during Executive Meeting (focused on legal work)