We introduce the Austin Franchise Association

The problem: Franchise professionals are very busy, but they know that they are missing important information that is crucial to their business. The biggest problem has been that there is a lack of convenient meeting places for these franchise professionals to discuss solutions with their colleagues on a regular, reliable and consistent basis. The solution: The Austin Franchise Association. The AFA was created by the efforts of our attorneys and other elite franchise industry professionals to create a forum meeting every two months which gives franchisors, franchisees, and franchise suppliers the opportunity to meet for a couple hours and discuss solutions to their franchise issues. The Austin Franchise Association is scheduled to have its first meeting in September. We are inviting industry professionals from Austin, TX and the surrounding areas to join the AFA group on LinkedIn and join us in September for the first meeting covering the following topic:


Membership opportunities:  If you are interested in reaching out to other franchise professionals, please connect with our attorney Jason Power either through email at Jason@sla.law or through his LinkedIn profile by clicking HERE to obtain an invitation to become a member.

For Sponsorship Availability:  If you would like to claim one of the limited sponsorship opportunities, please send an email to Erin@sla.law and we will send you information about Austin Franchise Association sponsorship opportunities.