Tech in the system: are you ready to launch?

By Christina D. McAmis, Esq.

Attorneys, franchisors, and franchisees have all been fascinated by high-tech gizmos at one point in time or another. Most of us, dabble in the art of bringing high-tech into our current processes and systems. However, when your lower-tech doesn’t play well with the newer high-tech systems you end up with a mess – if you’re lucky. We as many companies, have tried to lower our carbon footprint in the office. As a law firm, files and paper is what we do. In today’s digital age, especially in this COVID season, you would think paper to be obsolete. For law firms, and many companies, that’s a goal but not yet a reality. Taking typed notes on a laptop during a client meeting still just isn’t as personal as sitting down with a notebook and pen. Nor do I reach for my laptop or tablet when about to go into a firm meeting or take notes on what the next steps on moving a client forward are. How can we bridge the gap between the paper age and the digital age? We would like to share with you one piece of high-tech that meshed so well with our low-tech that we can’t imagine working without it! Entering into orbit from outer space – Rocketbook! You can tell I am just a little excited about this can’t you?

So what’s all the hype about? It’s about being able to walk into a client meeting with a professional looking notebook and pen, sitting down (even if it is over Zoom) and chatting while taking handwritten, shorthand, sloppy notes or diagrams – and digitizing them into client files, messenger apps (like Slack) and even emailing them to whoever you want, maybe the person sitting across from you. It’s about collaboration, drawing on a whiteboard, and sharing with someone across the nation or across the globe, digitally. High-tech, heck yes. Easy to use, you know it.

How does it work?

Well, the special Rocketbook notebooks come in different sizes and different styles. My personal favorite is the WAVE, I have a collection of all different sizes and styles. One for my purse so that I can keep a running to-do list that I can quickly share with my husband, one at my desk for client calls, and one in my portfolio that I take into meetings or educational seminars (when I want to look like a pro). You write in the special Rocketbook notebook with erasable pens (don’t worry they come in all different colors, sizes, and styles) and when you are done taking notes, you mark one or more of the six destination circles on the bottom of the pages you want to digitize it to. Then, you bust out your smart phone (Apple or Android) and scan the page. Magically Rocketbook scans your notes, recognizes your sloppy writing and turns the notes into text and at the same time snaps a picture of your notes which actually becomes a pdf (you can set it to jpeg) and all of the information is sent through wifi or wireless date to the destination of your choice. Some of my favorite destinations are Slack channels (a messenger like app for businesses), my email, my legal assistant, or receptionists’ emails, or to a folder on our Box Drive (cloud-based storage).

The magic continues when you use other Rocketbook products such as the Beacons which are little orange triangles that you can stick to the corners of any whiteboard or surface and the Rocketbook app scans and digitizes the area between the Beacons. Need a larger area to map out your drip email campaigns – of course you do, just add four more Beacons. It’s silly simple to use. You can also “live cast” your whiteboard with the Beacons and as you share and make changes your audience see all of the changes as well.

The ways to use these little gismos are infinite, but luckily the price isn’t as astronomical as you might think. For instance, the Rocketbook WAVE that I use costs $27 for the notebook which has 80 pages or the Beacons which come in a set of four for $15 or twelve for $40. Oh, I got distracted by the tech, and forgot to tell you about the reducing your carbon footprint part of this whole thing!

Rocketbook notebooks are reusable! After you zap your pages to whatever destination you want, you can erase them in a snap. If you are using the WAVE, when the notebook is full, (or whenever you want to really) you get to amaze your kids (or franchisees) by putting the notebook in the microwave with a mug of water on top and you nuke it for just a couple of minutes (You should always follow the official instructions. Yep, I had to add a disclaimer; I’m an attorney after all.) and your notebook is empty as the day you bought it, but your notes are still in all the destinations you sent them to. Officially Rocketbook is modest and says you can reuse the notebook up to three times, I personally have nuked my first WAVE five times now and it is still taking notes and erasing no problems. In fact, I don’t know of anyone who has actually worn-out a WAVE yet. Maybe it’s time for an office betting pool?

There are different sizes and styles of Rocketbook as well. The Fusion features a calendar and a to-do list. The Core is reusable as well but to clean it you spray the pages with water and wipe them off with a cloth. I personally love the convenience of getting all of the pages wiped at the same time – but I have heard stories of showering with your Rocketbook Core. Whichever Rocketbook you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

The personal double bonus for me is that whenever I show my Rocketbook off, I always start singing Major Tom in my head! Feel free to hum along while you shop at:

All kidding aside; this high-tech tool allows teams to collaborate easily, and to create searchable notes. And possibly the best feature is, those searchable notes – they are all on your phone, which is with you wherever we go.


Ms. McAmis is a franchise Attorney and CFE Candidate. She is proud to be part of the Shelton Law & Associates Franchise Team. As part of the team she works alongside clients offering guidance and support as they achieve their franchise goals.

Shelton Law & Associates (“SLA”) Attorneys have 50+ years of business consulting, franchise and trademark experience. Their knowledge facilitates an understanding of a large variety of businesses, services, and technologies. They help businesses protect their Brands through Trademark, Copyright, and Business contractual transactions. These services allow SLA to “Expand their Brand®” through Franchising.  For Franchisors, SLA provides full outsourced in-house counsel.

Shelton Law & Associates additionally works with entrepreneurs buying franchises by assisting with Business Creation, Industry Evaluations, Franchise Disclosure Document Review, Fairness Factors, Opinion Letters, and Negotiations.

For more information or to schedule a customized consultation for your business, you can write to franchising@SLA.Law or call (866) 99-FRANCHISE.

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