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It is State Registration Time Again…Is Your Brand Ready?

By Theodore J. Henry, a Shelton Law & Associates Legal Strategist – Also published by BeTheBoss here If you are a new franchisor, you’re eager to get your brand launched and running. You have a Disclosure Document (“FDD”) drafted and you’re ready to introduce your brand to the masses…but are you ready to do business nationwide? The answer is…not just …

Why the FDD is So Important to Franchises

Why the FDD is So Important to Franchises

In the spirit of full transparency in business negotiations, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) makes all franchising companies present relevant financial information to prospective partners. Without this standard disclosure, it would be uncertain just how healthy a company really was. Those desperate to hook an investor would be able to hide defects in order to close a deal. Then, the franchisee …