Have you updated your Operations Manuals?

When was the last time you took a good hard look at your operations manual? If you are like most franchisors, you may not be able to remember the last time. You should be reviewing your operations manual throughout the year to incorporate new products, services, policies, and procedures that impact the franchise system. Because franchise systems grow and change regularly, you should have a list of items within the manuals that need to be updated or modified to reflect the improvements that have been made to your system, changes in the industry, and to answer any operational or procedural questions that have arisen. Remember that in almost every franchise system that your franchise agreement is directly linked to your manuals. If one of your franchisees is not in compliance with the manual, then that can result in a default of their franchise agreement. Therefore, you should ensure that your manuals are as up to date as possible to keep franchisees abreast of their obligations. Remember that a weak or outdated manual has a direct impact on the quality and happiness of your system and with the advanced technology available to you today, you should take action now to update your manuals and get your franchise system on the right track.