Intellectual Property – Non-Disclosure Agreements


Non-Disclosure Agreements are extremely important. If you are like most businesses you have developed, acquired, or painstakingly aggregated proprietary information that gives you a competitive advantage. You don’t want anyone else to know your “secret sauce” but sometimes you just have to disclose it in order to advance your business interests.

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Product Description

Non-Disclosure Agreements are extremely important to keep your company or personal secrets safe-guarded. Employees, Investors, Suppliers, Creditors and Vendors and their employees can’t discuss your secrets or projects with other businesses, if they’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement. This helps you keep projects and plans under wraps until you have patented it or have it further developed and ready for public launch.

We charge a flat fee billing option of $550 for this service. This fee is non-refundable. All other billing, for any additional services, later requested, will be billed at the Three Hundred Seventy-Five Dollars and Zero Cents ($375.00) per hour discounted rate stated, or an agreed upon flat rate per document.

  • Business Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Personal Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Employee Non-Disclosure Agreements

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  • Non-Disclosure and Non-Competition Agreements
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