Use Intellectual Property Law To Your Advantage

Media outlets of all kinds have been reporting on the life of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple who passed away recently. While much of the reporting has been on his technological achievements, it’s important to acknowledge he benefited greatly from the use of intellectual property law. Like Mr. Jobs, many business owners have a distinct vision for their brand. In order for you to protect your brand, it’s important to have attorneys with IP law experience who can advise you on your rights. Copyright protection is one of the most valuable tools at a business owner’s disposal. Being the first to do something is paramount when trying to expand your business. Securing a copyright on your original idea will assist greatly in staying ahead of the competition. While Apple’s success is unique, a lesson can be learned about using the law to your advantage in order to achieve more market share. Mr. Jobs had over 300 patents to his name and Apple’s grasp of brand protection is a major part of their business model. Using intellectual property law to your advantage can provide you with those same kinds of protections. We can offer guidance on what steps to take to get your ideas legally protected through trademarks and copyrights so you can expand your brand.