Take Your Business to the Next Level: Hire a Franchise Attorney

When Chris Sorensen and Robin Sorensen opened their first Firehouse Subs restaurant in 1994, they say they had a passion for selling delicious sandwiches and providing great service. In the beginning, their ambition was to open a single restaurant, but they received so much early success that it wasn’t long before they decided to get the franchising ball rolling. Now, they have over 430 locations. Where do they get their rock-solid foundation that keeps them going strong? The Sorensen brothers say the ultimate key to success is “surrounding yourself with people at all levels who strive for perfection” – we believe this includes hiring a reliable and experienced franchise attorney for your business’s legal needs. The right franchising attorney can help you “Expand Your Brand” much like the Sorensen brothers did almost 17 years ago. Some of the services that are required for any type of successful business expansion include creating non-disclosure and non-competition agreements, trademark and copyrighting registrations, and vendor agreement negotiations – just to name a few. Our franchise attorneys work with you through all the tough decisions and the planning process to take your business to the next level. The Sorensen brothers believe that “great people are not a common commodity.” In fact, they admit that one of the greatest challenges they have faced over the years, and the task they continue to face every day, is finding people to join the business who share their passion and commitment. This theory applies when taking people on at any level of the organization, even hiring the right franchise attorney. We have professionals who focus exclusively on franchise law who will work hard for you and provide you with the foundation you need to succeed. Our passion for your passion is what sets us apart from other franchise law attorneys – a quality that is rooted in Chris and Robin Sorensen’s success story.