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Social Media Guru Suzanne Cordeiro

Suzanne Cordeiro the Social Media Guru of Promise Pizza helps other businesses with their social media to-do’s. 

   Social Media Guru Suzanne CordeiroJumping into the organic pizza market feet first, PROMISE PIZZA learned early on the impact – and potential payback — of social media. I started using Social Media in October 2009 and was clueless about the whole thing, simply dabbling in Twitter and using Facebook to keep up with family and friends. I considered social media more of a tool to stay connected, not a tool to drive our new pizza business. My husband and I, along with three other partners/friends, founded and opened PROMISEPIZZA ( in Round Rock, Texas (… Read more at )   Promised Pizza began franchising their amazing concept in December of 2009.  For more information about how you to can open and run your own organic pizza market, visit Promise Pizza’s contact page at :