IP Law in the Internet World

Social media websites open up enormous opportunities for businesses to promote their products and services, and the sites allow companies to communicate with their customers in unprecedented ways. From a marketing standpoint, increasing their presence on the Web is an effective way for companies to appeal to a larger audience. From a legal standpoint, however, social media websites present potential intellectual property law violations – such as copyright infringement – according to a recent article on Law.com. The article explains that social media websites, blogs, and other forms of online marketing produce editorial content without taking IP law into consideration. In fact, most businesses and their marketing people don’t even realize there are legal obligations associated with these outlets. The fact is that anyone can be a publisher in the digital age – more employees are producing content, Facebook users are taking articles and posting them on their personal pages, and the interactive nature of social media sites promotes public exchanges – so companies should be aware of intellectual property law issues in order to protect themselves and the content they publish online. As attorneys experienced in IP law, we are dedicated to providing services that help businesses thrive. For information about copyright infringement, invasions of privacy, and other compliance issues, contact an intellectual property lawyer in Florida or Texas for legal counsel. We have attorneys who will work with you to protect your brand – by enforcing copyright, trademark, and publishing laws – so that you can enter the world of social media safely while using these outlets to their full potential.