Franchising in St. Louis

Shelton & Power St. Louis While in St. Louis this past weekend, we were given the opportunity to be guest speakers at the Franchise and Business Opportunities Expo.  However, the highlight of our visit was not the amazing arch or the chance to expand the Shelton & Power brand, the real highlight was seeing all of the people who wanted to buy a franchise, the business owners that attended the event to learn about franchising their business, and the amount of knowledge that everyone had about franchising in general.  After all the booths were taken down and the presenters went home, we were glad to know that every attendee to the show was able to learn about franchising through talking with suppliers and franchisors.  St. Louis overall is a great place for franchisees to find great systems and franchisors looking to find qualified franchisees. We still believe that attending these types of events is a great way for both potential franchisors and franchisees to expand their knowledge of the franchise world. If you are looking to buy a franchise, please check our website during the next week to watch our presentation in St. Louis titled “Rake in the Dough while Avoiding Risk – – Your Guide to Buying a Franchise the Smart Way.”