Off the beaten path – Pet Franchises

Article by: Christina McAmis

As we enter this new phase of normal, all portents point to a boom in the retail industry over the next year, and by many predictions beyond. COVID has led many of us to alter our “normal” and caused every single one of us to make changes to our daily lives. Whether those changes are small, like carrying hand sanitizer, or large like shifting away from the office and working remotely from home, many of us have turned to our best friends. Humans’ longtime companions – our pets, have provided comfort and support through all of the change COVID has forced upon us.

Throughout the pandemic, there has been a surge of pet adoptions, quite understandably so. Life at home becomes less lonely when there is a fury or scaled companion there to share the time with. This surge of pandemic adoptions has led to marked increases in the pet care industry, and we all know where industries boom, franchises bloom. However, even in the growth of the industry we have seen remarkable pivots as brands fight to stay relevant, we’ve seen pet retail locations increasing their online presence, pet groomers offering no contact services, or even focusing on subscription retail box sales instead of in-person grooming services. However, the pet industry as a whole has seen an increase through COVID. If you find yourself looking to invest in your own pandemic resistant business, the pet care franchise industry might just have the perfect opportunity for you.

When people think of the term “pet care franchise” the top-of-mind brands such as big box retail brands, online supply brands, and grooming brands tend to be the first that come to mind. Then, when we dig a little deeper, we usually think of the nutrition brands, pet training, pet walking, pet sitting, pet boarding and daycare, and veterinarian care brands. Still part of the overall pet care industry are pet photography services, mobile pet services, and pet bakeries. There are a whole lot of pet care business types to choose from, with dozens of brands within each type of business. On the whole, the pet care industry is one of the more diverse franchise industries. There is something for everyone who cares about pets. Once you’ve decided you would fit well within the industry, it’s time to sort through what type of business you want to be part of.

Do you like handling pets, if so a pet boarding or grooming franchise might be a great choice. Are you more interested in helping people care for their pets? Maybe the nutrition or veterinary franchises are for you. Or do you seek something off the beaten path? Some of the dare I say, more exotic pet care business includes brands that offer pet waste removal services, pet taxi services, and even pet cremation services.

Our firm represents Forever Friends Pet Cremation Services, a franchise system with dedicated franchisees who serving families through their grief with kindness and dignity. Forever Friends’ franchisees provide services to families losing their best friend. They provide the family with time and space to say goodbye to their companion and treat both the pet and the family with respect and professionalism from retrieval to the return of their pet’s remains. This type of pet care service is not at the forefront of the mind, but can provide a franchisee with a meaningful and rewarding business ownership experience that is rooted deeply in community and in service.

Years from now many of us will look down at our truest of companions and remember the days spent trying to shoo them away from our keyboard while we appeared in staff meeting via Zoom, and hopefully we will smile. Thanks to the many brands who have made pet care their industry, we will be able to baby our babies with services from daycare to vet care, from youth to old age, and beyond.

Now of course (I am an attorney, you saw this coming), whether there is a boom in a franchise industry or not, it is always wise to do your due diligence when it comes to putting your money where your heart is. Find trusted advisors in a franchise attorney, a CPA, and/or a knowledgeable franchise broker who will help you take a step back from the emotion and excitement of finding the “right fit” and analyze the business deal before you write that check. As always, stay safe, stay sane, and Expand Your Brand™!

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