Operation Manuals

Article by: Lynne D. Shelton

When you, the Franchisor, retain Shelton Law & Associates to review or write your operation manuals for your franchisees, you will receive a full review of your existing documents first, followed by a full comprehensive strategy meeting with upper level managers and trainers.

Upon the discovery of the best outline for your franchise, we will provide a complete set of Franchisee Operations divided into at least 3 separate manuals, one manual for management and owners, one for employees of the franchisee and one specifically for confidential information. A focus for the franchise manuals is to minimize the amount of confidential information that is exposed to those individuals who do not need to have knowledge in a given area. There could be more manuals depending upon the needs of your brand. The topics included in the manuals vary widely from franchisor to franchisor; however, potential topics include:

• An introduction to the franchise concept

• Mission statement / company values

• Organizational history

• Franchise Start‐up Procedures

• Site selection and development

• Detailed business operations, including best‐practices

• Product sourcing, pricing and preparation

• Approved vendor information

• Marketing and sales practices

• Accounting processes and requirements

• Customer service procedures

• Personnel training and Management

• Policies and Procedures

• Emergency procedures

• Product handling

• Equipment acquisition, operation and maintenance

• Corporate and emergency contact information and

• Forms used for business operations

The actual topics will vary depending upon the areas required or discovered during the examination of the training and the writing process. The timeframe for completing the writing of the manuals will also vary depending upon the availability that your training team has to meet with the writers. However, assuming a flexible work schedule, most franchisors can be rolling out their new manuals within 2-3 months.

Pricing is dependent on the franchise system. Usually pricing varies from $15,000 to $20,000 plus travel costs. There will be at least two 4 day trips to your location for 2 writers. During the training evaluation, photography and screenshots will also be accumulated. Since the manuals are being evaluated to minimize the legal liabilities throughout the process by actual attorneys at Shelton Law & Associates, this helps to eliminate franchisors any legal evaluation fees after the Operations Manuals are complete. For most franchisors this is a large savings over other iGroups on the web.