By-product = Happy Franchisee’s Year 4 and beyond

Article by: Lynne D. Shelton


Accelerate New Units & Improved Market Growth

By-product = Happy Franchisee’s Year 4 and beyond

Let Shelton Law & Associates help you shape up your franchise system foundation. As previous franchisors, franchisees and business leaders with over 50 years of experience, we understand the laws, rules and regulations that affect your franchisees and understand the kinds of challenges that you both will face such as:

  • The ugly – Franchisor FDD Updates: Shelton Law & Associates will work to make your FDD the best sales piece. With degrees in accounting, SP&A’s team can even assist in the overall layout and creation of the Item 19 Financial Performance Representations.
  • Vendor Obligations: Franchisees should have a clear understanding of their required purchases, marketing and advertising obligations. We will work with you to negotiate improved economics and prices for you and your current and future franchisees.
  • Ongoing Obligations: Franchisees are concerned with their ongoing financial obligations such as business insurance limits, build out costs, payroll expenses, rent, etc. Allow us to help you find money so that you can spend it on finding more Happy Zees.



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