Announcing Dental Support Plus – – the newest up and coming franchise system

The Dental Support Plus franchise system is the newest up and coming franchise.  With over 20 franchise units sold to qualified applicants in under 1 month, Dental Support Plus is blazing its trail as quite possibly one of the hottest new franchises available. The Dental Support Plus website says it all: “The Dental Support Plus™ Franchise Platform provides already profitable dental practices their most sought after asset — pre-qualified (ready, willing and able to buy) patients who want dental treatment NOW. The Dental Support Plus™ Franchise Platform provides a Dental Support Plus Partner Dentist with a steady flow of new patients on a daily basis increasing cash flow dramatically with minimal overhead cost increases.” If you want more information about Dental Support Plus, you can visit their website by clicking their logo above or by going to For more information about franchising, please contact Lynne Shelton at 512-535-0090 or Jason Power at 813-319-5462.