Immigration Visas

Individuals and families immigrate to the United States for a variety of reasons, on both temporary and permanent bases.  For individuals born outside of the U.S. seeking to spend time in the United States, it is important to seek and obtain the appropriate Visa for lawful residence.  Several Visa categories exist, which our Immigration team will discuss with you to determine which Visa fits your specific needs.

  • Temporary Worker Visas (H-1B, H-2A, H-2B, L, O-1)
  • Exchange Visitor Visas (J-1, Q-1)
  • Student Visas (F-1, M-1)
  • Treaty Investor & Treaty Trader Visas (E-1, E-2)
  • Family-Based Immigrant Visas (IR1, CR1, K-3, K-1, IR3, IH3, IR4, IH4, IR2, CR2, IR5, F1, F3, F4, F2A, F2B)
  • Employment Based Immigrant Visas, including Franchise Visas (E-1, E-2, E-3)

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